Bell Fibe TV Ongoing Review

I have been using Bell Fibe now for over a month. Everything is working fine so far but I do have a couple gripes. The Bell tv does indeed have a more superior pvr but not everything is perfect. One thing I just realized is that the Galaxie music channels do not list the name of the artist and song unlike Rogers which does. Listening to the 80s channel, which is probably the best era for music, there were a few artists that I forgot and wanted to know the name of. I guess you would have to check it out on the Galaxie website which seems like a lot of work. I was listening to the 90s channel and what a difference. The 80s is so much more superior.

The second gripe I have is the favourites channel list. Because I have basic cable, it was suggested to favourite all the channels I have access to so that it isn’t so daunting when I am looking at the channel guide and there are over 1000 channels. The only thing is you have to manually do this for every tv receiver in your house. This takes a good 15 minutes and is too much work for what it is worth especially if you have 3 receivers.

I did notice that there is a 6 month promotion for The Movie Network at half price on Bell tv. This is spring time now and the promotion ends at the end of the year. I will probably sign up in the fall when I will be indoors more.

It appears Bell is trying hard to win over customers with their numerous commercials and promotions. I swore I would never go back so they better prove me wrong. I am waiting for my second bill. I hope it is properly invoiced. I have already had to call in once since they were charging me for the free pvr.

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26 Responses to Bell Fibe TV Ongoing Review

  1. Larry Pinell says:

    So is Fibe (like Bell TV’s satellite servive) only offering 720 rez on TV?

  2. I have loved Belle Satellite, I hate Fibe. When you record from their little Motorolla (very cheap recorders) on a computer: well you always get skips in sound, and skips and skips on their cheap copper wires from the phone. In a word. You can’t record on a computer. Before with satellite… so fine. I miss Express Vue from Bell.
    My respects, but I hate Fibe and make a sorrow for my old Bell Satellite recorders. Now I will eventually change my provider from in Quebec … from Bell to Videotron.
    Respectuously Claude. M.

    • admin says:

      Hi Claude,

      Sorry to hear about your problems with Bell Fibe. I have moved to a new subdivision and have been having problems with Bell customer service as I’m cancelling my services at the condo and moving the services to the new house. However, because it is literally a new house, I’m supposed to be a new Bell customer to get 3 months free with no contract. I could get 6 months free but have to sign up for 2 years which is what I do not want to do. It has been confusing and have been receiving several calls trying to confirm whether I’m cancelling or moving my services. Bell’s account database system seems very archaic compared to Rogers but prefer not to deal with either company. I will keep everyone posted with what happens but hopefully the drama ends soon as it has been a big headache. They were supposed to come and install everything on Saturday but never showed up. Yesterday I come home with a note from a technician saying that I’m missing a service wire to the house. I don’t know what it means but emailed the new business coordinator about it to look into it.

  3. Bill says:

    I just switched over to Bell (FIBE) after years with Rogers. Things went well for about 30 days until I got my bill and had to call customer support. Back to the beginning: Bell wouldn’t give me a decent price for their services when I called in and inquired about FIBE. I ended up going in to The Source and they gave me the pricing that I wanted and there was no talk about locking in to a long term contract. The next day I called Bell and they confirmed pricing with no mention of a long term contract. When Bell set up my services, they never talked about contracts nor did they supply me with one. Things were going very well so far and I was very happy I had switched to Bell. I started telling friends and family about how great things were at Bell. My bill came and had extra charges on it. I didn’t get the credit I was told I would get. When I protested on the phone, I started to get the policy crap line and eventually got sent over to a supervisor who was even more useless. They decided to send me out a contract to sign, but when I got the contract there was no mention of a rebate on fees and nothing stating that my charges would be honoured for that period of time!! If Bell can’t honour their verbal agreements, what makes them think I would sign a contract with them?! I can’t even be bothered to lock in with them at this point and will take the $$ hit and that allows me to switch back to Rogers soon. I have zero trust in Bell now and have started to tell the same friends and family to avoid this pathetic company. It’s not the dollars I am worried about, but just the ethics and principle. Nothing worse than dealing with a company like this. They put terrible support people on the phone and then have low-paid, uneducated “supervisors” and “managers” who are even more incompetent.

    Overall, I don’t see much difference between Rogers and Bell FIBE. My internet does seem to be a bit better, but nothing too noticeable for what I am doing. I do like Bell’s on screen TV Guide better. The PVR works good, but I never had one before. The TV Apps are just crap which I sort of knew they probably would be. I got the Movie Network thrown in, but it looks to only have a lot of dated movies and I rarely see anything that I recognize. The PVR helps here. What will kill you with Bell is their ethics and customer support. Rogers tried to rip my daughter off on her phone bill once and she wrote a letter to them. They credited her the amount she wanted plus $100 for her troubles. I wrote a letter (online) to Bell to complain about my charges and I got a response that I would hear back in 72 hours. It’s been over 2 weeks and nothing. Stay away from Bell. As many people have stated here and elsewhere, they have terrible support and like to rip you off.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your reply. I think I will have to agree with you on this now that Bell was supposed to move my services to my new home. I just got a bill for the old address which I’m no longer using services for. I was promised 3 months free no commitment for my new house since it is a new subdivision only to find out the service wire is not available to my house. I was lent a high speed hub modem to appease me for the timebeing but no tv or home phone for an indefinite period is unacceptable. The Rogers sales rep sat in my house with me for a good hour and matched what Bell is offering and even told me that only 1 person he knows has Bell and he has satellite. Bell seems to be lagging technologically and administratively as I was on the call with Bell customer service for over an hour trying to cancel and rectify my situation. After all was said and done, because I didn’t give 30 days notice I still have to pay for that bill. What absurdity. I can not believe this. Bell just ruined it for me and in the end it appears Rogers still comes out on top.

  4. Jade says:

    So sorry hearing your bad experiences with Bell. Funny, I experienced the opposite. I just converted to Bell Fibe TV from Rogers after so many years with Rogers. Best thing I did, the Bell people (technicians and billing employees) were very helpful and in the long run, the savings I would get from unlimited internet will cover for most of the cancellation fee that Rogers billed me. I forgot about the cancellation fee as I accepted a discount deal for two years in December but that is how Rogers get you. They are very famous for “exorbitant” cancellation fee – almost like extortion. You have to be aware of all the “fine prints”. Love my Bell Fibe TV! What an amazing new technology – fast internet and live TV rewind/fast forward options are so efficient. No looking back for me. I guess if I live for another 30 years, that means Rogers won’t have my business for 30 years.

    • admin says:

      I am actually going back to Rogers now that I moved to a new subdivision and Bell is literally not an option. I am getting three months free so it is the same as what Bell would have offered. I am glad you like your Bell service. It is funny but if I didn’t have to move I would have stayed with them.

  5. Chris Taylor says:

    Bell Fibe is the worst. I signed up for the service a few weeks ago and, unbeknownst to me, they turned my service off. A tech support agent came to my place and was unable to solve the problem. He indicated that the service would be back up and running once head office opened on Monday. The service was not re-instated. It was a technical glitch, on Bell’s behalf, that led to the loss of my service in the first place. My service is still not running as I sit on the line with call support. Call support is unhelpful (I have been hung up on and wasted countless hours of my time running through the same useless protocols which do not help to fix the problem). Why am I on the phone again you ask? Because another tech support agent was supposed to come today between 8 am and 12 pm. No show. Now I am on the line and they have no idea why and I am waiting again or what my problem is, wasting my time (which I will never be compensated for) and I have been without TV and Internet for over one week. Screw you Bell Fibe. Don’t get it. Go with Rogers or any provider with a clue.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Chris with your honest opinion. In the end, I tried Bell and found them very difficult to deal with from an administrative and technical point of view. I have gone back with Rogers and am enjoying a free Nextbox pvr, a free wifi network modem, 50% off my express internet and 20% off my cable. I’m fine with this and can not find any better deal based on my usage without having to shell out for activation fees or buying the equipment. The nextbox is the best picture in picture I have seen with two sports games side by side each other. This is a great feature for any sports enthusiast and is a must.

  6. Michael Paquette says:

    Thank you all for your honesty. I was just thinking about trying Fibe because of the large percentage increases in billing by Rogers but you have all confirmed what I have always know. Bell doesn’t care at all about customer service. It is sad that we don’t have more choices available in Canada.

    • admin says:

      I am glad that I was able to assist. It is really not easy to be a subscriber to either large company. You are correct that it still seems to be a monopoly.

  7. Perry B says:

    Generally happy with FIBE, except the damn Motorola TV/PVR box times out after about 3 hours. So right in the middle of a soccer match -poof! Have to restart the box. Bell support says this is “a power-saving feature” which can’t be altered. Bull!

    • admin says:

      thanks for the feedback. I’m surprised you get timed out. I would google it to see if you can find a solution. It should not be happening.

  8. Kevyh says:

    About a month ago I switched from Bell express VU TV; Videotron Internet & phone to Bell Fibe. I have had zero installation issues, zero billing issues and zero service issues. I am also saving a considerable amount for increased speed, and bandwidth. Just saying, that not all Bell experiences are dreadful.

    • admin says:

      Good for you. Thanks for relaying the information. I think every person has a different experience. Sorry for the late reply. I do remember Bell Fibe for tv was very good. If I stayed in my condo I would have kept it.

  9. John says:

    I have been on Bell vibe for over 3 years. The most recent download from Bell has screwed up my service. The reason for the update was to introduce their restart feature. Now my skip feature is terrible. If you push numerous times to advance past the commercials you have to wait between skips until the receiver catches up otherwise it simply stays in the same place. I thought it was because I recently got a new remote from Bell but all three of my remotes on all three of my receivers has this problem.
    Furthermore the new restart feature does not permit you to skip through the commercials. It is a terrible feature. I have become so frustrated by the shortcomings of this service I want to change to Rogers even though we get an employee discount.
    If you don’t have Fibe stay away. If you do don’t upgrade to the new restart system. It horrible and useless due to the skip limitations.

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      sorry to hear about your troubles. I don’t have cable tv anymore and just stream. I use an HD antenna to watch some tv. I do miss television programming but don’t miss all the commercials.

    • Larry says:

      There is a way, albeit not an ideal one, to skip commercials after using Restart.
      Instead of using restart, use the rewind button to to back to the start of the show.
      Then when a commercial comes up watch live tv for a second, and then reverse again – to the start of the show after the commercial. Not sure if it’s supposed to work this way, but it does.

    • Adrian Caesa says:

      I have had bell fibe for almoat 2 years now I switched afrom rogers cable after 13 rears with them . I love Bell fibe when I fiest signed up I got a 200 dollars bill credit from them which ment I receieved 1 month of free service . The Picture quality and sound is much better and I love Bell restart I have had no problems with it . I love the PVR as well it stores up 320 hous and is easy to us . The few times that I have had service problems the customer service has been very helpful and fast . I love Bell fibe never going back to Rogers

  10. jim says:

    I had bell fibe tv it did nothing but pixel and slowed my internet speed down I switched back to bell satellite TV never will be changing again the satellite s always reliable it has to be a bad storm to affect the service and it does not slow down my internet plus I can take the service to my cottage fibe can’t do that!

  11. DANIEL Drader says:

    1: It began with the usual Rogers/Bell deceptive selling. We all know and expect this from these companies, where they insinuate that you’ll keep the low price for their service forever but in reality, your monthly bill shoots up quickly after 2, 3 or 6 months. I can’t fault them for this because this has just become standard business practice for dishonest companies like Bell, Rogers, etc.

    2: The claims of true HD without a lot of compression is a lie. I also fully expected this because I know they can’t live up to the claims they make and still offer all of the channels that they do (but certainly don’t need to)

    3: Their advertising. I only got the TV because they practically insisted on it when changing from Rogers for cell and internet. On their very own site when you look at the ‘good’ package, they feature A&E, TSN, Discovery, Sportsnet, HGTV, Bravo. When you click on it to see ALL of the channels, there are many more listed including Comedy Network. But when I try to find them they’re not available. In fact, they’re not even listed within the guide.

    4: Online Chat: When I try to use the ‘ive chat’ feature to get an explanation for why I’m being billed for channels that are advertised but not provided, I wait anywhere from 30 minutes to over 2 hours. I made 3 attempts and all of the live chats ended the same way: Confusion by the person at the other end resulting in them saying ‘sorry, there are no technicians available at this time’ and they abruptly end the chat’.

    5: Online Support. I’m O for 8. If you click for technical online support, there’s nobody available. It doesn’t matter the time of day. I tried half an hour ago at 4pm on a Wednesday. Not available. When you try other areas of support it’s the same thing. Yet, if you click on sales, there’s someone available to sign you up right away.

    6: Phone Support. I finally waste my time calling where I explain the situation to the ‘agent’ on the phone. He quickly (and without common sense) explains ‘Yeah, any of those good channels, like the ones people actually want, are not available on the good package’. I explain that i’m staring at the channel listings for the ‘Good Package’ as we speak and I see them all listed. He quickly brings up the same page, sounds confused, puts me on hold and then comes back and explains that ‘because the CRTC made us change our packages, a lot of channels have moved around and all of those channels you want are now only on the ‘Good 2’ package. What you have is the ‘Good 1’ package and I guess they haven’t updated the site yet.”
    But there are 2 problems with that. 1: The missing channels were ALWAYS missing, long before the CRTC ‘bullied’ these companies into providing basic service and 2: There is NO mention of this mysterious, elusive ‘Good 2 package’. Nowhere on their website, nowhere on the internet.

    Simply put: Bell has upped their game when it comes to lying, false advertising and blatantly making up excuses when caught not providing what they advertise. The channels that are missing are precisely the same channels they feature to suck people into signing up for their Fibe TV service. They’re nothing more scammers.

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