3 Times A Charm At Eddie Bauer!

My love for Eddie Bauer continues even if the warehouse where I found so many deals has closed for a while now.  I received another $10 gift certificate from my favourite retailer and of course, I go to Vaughan Mills and find a perfect fitting pair of boyfriend slim fit pants for $9.99.  See the receipt below indicating a free pair of pants!  I don’t know what happened but normally I would pay the tax but not this time!


This is the 3rd pair in less than a year that I have bought essentially free at Eddie Bauer.  The icing on the cake was the next day, I received an email for another $10 gift certificate!  Guess where I’m shopping again?

Deals can be had.  You just have to know where to go and continue going there and supporting the store. It’s a win win situation and you save a lot of money.  I only had to pay $1.30 for the first 2 pairs of pants.  I had to argue with the cashier that the pants weren’t 70% off of $70 as it was on the $9.99 rack along with another pair of the same colour and style.

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Weekend Deals


Enclosed are free veggies I was able to pick up at Zehrs on the weekend!  They had a table setup promoting local produce from Dominion Farms in Bradford.  I received 3 pounds each of the onions and carrots, 2 pounds of beets and 2 pound bags of parsnips for free!  Saturday was also the No Tax Event day also at Zehrs and I stocked up on water softening salt on sale for $4.99 for 20 kg.  I was also able to get clearance bananas for 50% off but they weren’t overly ripe.  A great weekend for me and was smiling as I left the grocery store!

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Deals Deals Deals

Summer is half finished and I have not mentioned most of my deals since I have had an extremely busy schedule with 3 softball leagues and house work!  I will try to remember as much as I can.  Last weekend was no tax event for most items at Superstore also known as the Real Canadian Superstore.  It usually applies to electronics and housewares including bbq accessories.  I was able to buy a cast iron reversible griddle for only $12 regularly $40!  This is handy for camping as I brought my portable bbq but it was very cumbersome.  With this griddle I can use my portable camping stove.  You can flip it over and it is a grill also!

Costco is one of my go to places as everyone should know by now.  I was able to find on clearance (anything ending in 97 cents) a self inflating mattress pad for camping for only $29.97! Regularly priced at $45, it sells for $65 US on Amazon.com and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 95 customer reviews.  Unfortunately, when I tried to buy another one the next day, they were all sold out!  Remember if you find an amazing deal at Costco buy it and maybe even a second one as you never know if you will ever see that price again.  You can always return it later on so you don’t have to worry.

Larry the Liquidator is the outlet by my house in Bradford.  They have 15% off the last Monday of each month if you pay by cash.  I bought a bamboo pillow that was king size since it was the same size as the queen size for only $15 regularly $20!  Del Monte tetra paks of guava, mangosteen with golden kiwi juice were only $1 also which is very tasty and different.

The LCBO sometimes clears out discontinued items so I was able to buy Bols mango liquor for 52% and when I paid at the cash got an extra 20%!  It only came out to $7 for a bottle that normally costs $19!

I never got to spend the $10 gift certificate when I replaced my Eddie Bauer knapsack for free so I went to the Vaughan Mills Eddie Bauer and bought another pair of jeans for $1.30 since they were $9.99!

During the Canada Day Long Weekend, Tanger Outlet in Cookstown was giving away a $10 gift card by going to the shoppers services office and showing them their ad.  I went there and coincidentally, Bath and Body Works and White Barn both opened that weekend.  They had a coupon that if you buy $15 you get an item for free worth up to $15!  I was able to buy 4 3 wick candles on clearance for $10 regularly $24 and got a small candle and a candle stand for free!  I also used the $10 free gift card too so everything was only  $33.90 but worth about $73!  Basically it is half price!

Princess Auto is a great store for tools and I was able to buy a garden pick for $21.99 regularly $40.  The handle is rubber instead of wood which is lighter.  I also bought a welder’s blanket for $14.99 versus $25 for my smoker so I can use it to cover in the winter.  Actually, last weekend when it was raining, I covered my smoker with the blanket and it helped to insulate it a little.  I did lose some heat but not a lot.  Some avid smokers, actually use their smoker all year round including in the winter and use the blanket to retain the heat of the smoker.

Ren’s Pet Depot in Aurora is a new pet store and for the grand opening week, you can spin the wheel and win free items.  I won cat food as well as my uncle.  I also got coupons to save $5 on a minimum purchase of $30 or more.

Zehr’s had a great clearance item and I found it randomly.  They had extra lean ground beef on sale for $3.99/lb and since they had too much, it was further reduced to $1.99/lb.  I bought 4 packages and froze them.  I made homemade hamburgers with one package for camping and everyone loved it so much that there were no leftovers except half a bun!  One of the girls said she will not buy frozen burgers anymore.  When you make anything fresh it just seems to taste so much better with less preservatives.

That is all that I can remember right now but as you can see I did well again.  Hopefully I am able to report more often in the future and share my deals with everyone.



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Tanger Cookstown Outlet On The Weekend

Hi everyone.  I wanted to report my shopping experience on Saturday at Tanger Cookstown Outlet north of Toronto.  I had a $10 gift certificate emailed to me for Eddie Bauer and my knapsack I use for commuting to and from work from that store was starting to deteriorate.  The lining on the inside was slowly breaking apart and one of the zipper pulls was starting to fray.  Originally purchased for $21 at the now defunct Eddie Bauer Outlet over 2 years ago at their warehouse in Vaughan, I was able to exchange for a new one for free!  The ticketed price was $69.99 and they were on sale for 30% off which would have been $49!  Eddie Bauer has a lifetime guarantee on its products which many people don’t know about.  It is part of their customer satisfaction policy.  I think it makes sense for Eddie Bauer to have this policy since you can improve your products over time based on what is being returned.  The brand new knapsack is just lovely as it is slightly bigger now and has no lining and looks like it has been changed slightly over time.  I love Eddie Bauer if you haven’t noticed by now.

My mum was able to buy a Fossil leather purse regularly for $300 on clearance with 60% off and an extra 10% off on top of that!  Works out to $122.04!  Last weekend the mall had a promotion where if you spend $50 or more, you get a $10 gift certificate to use in the mall on your next visit.  My mum bought over $200 worth of things and I bought a pair of jean shorts at The Gap regularly $49.99 with 70% off and an extra 20% off on top of that.  I only paid $13.56 after taxes!  Because I’m a Tanger Shopping Club member, I made it to the 3rd tier which is the $750 threshold.  Every time you shop, you bring your receipts to Shoppers Services to tally them up.  When you join at $10, you instantly receive a tote bag.  Every $250 threshold, you receive another tote bag and extra gifts.  This time, I reached $750 and so I got another tote bag, the $10 gift card for spending $50 or more last weekend and a $15 coupon to use at Polo Ralph Lauren which expires at the end of the year.

All in all this was a great shopping experience at Tanger Outlet Mall.  I highly recommend this mall if you are in the area which is to my advantage being a few minutes away.  Bath and Body Works will be opening next month so another store that I frequent will be close by and also an outlet.  I still haven’t used my $10 gift certificate for Eddie Bauer and will be going to Vaughan Mills to checkout their outlet there. Wish me luck and I will report back to you with my findings.

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My Week Of Freebies!

I am a member of the Bradford Buy and Sell Facebook group and didn’t realize I was able to obtain 3 items for free in one week’s time!  First was the dehumidifier that I blogged about last week.  It looks old but works fine. I have had to empty the water a few times already or should I say recycle the water.  It is all about recycling and reusing nowadays.  It is perfectly clear water so dumping it would be a waste.

The second thing I received for free was a two piece dining set that was stoneware and deep red; my favourite colour.  It consisted of two soup bowls, a plate for each and 2 large dinner plates.  The lady just lived down the street and it was no trouble to pick up like all the other items.  She indicated it was for staging as she just sold her house and were brand new dishes!  She was moving to Alberta and only needed the essentials.

Lastly, a great freebie is a hook accessories kit for organizing my garage.  I don’t have anything hung up and everything is on the floor on the perimeter of the garage.  The below pic is what I received.  It was used but everything was intact.  Lowe’s actually has this item on sale for $75 right now!  Can you imagine?

Free Garage Organizer

Three times a charm for me when it came to freebies and I was lucky and was checking for items at the right time.  You never know and I lucked out.  Freecycle is a great way to obtain free things also.  Well known, it is a site you can join for free in your local area where people offer things they no longer want for free.  It is a form of recycling for free things!  Some people also message to indicate what they are looking for also.  I was able to request for a popcorn machine and someone offered theirs to me that was collecting dust!



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Please Squeeze The Charmin!

Yesterday’s deals from Zehrs were good so I have to share before I forget.  There is a new app called Coupgon that I downloaded for free.  For android or Iphone of course. I modified my blackberry to be able to download android apps which is handy.  I was able to save $5 at Zehrs by using the app!  Expiring in 2 days I had to go to the store to buy sandwich meat.  I found roast beef for $5 and fat free Source yogourt on clearance for $1.99 and with a 50% off sticker.  I opened the app and noticed a slew of other coupons also including $1.50 off of any Bounty or Charmin product.  Well, I wasn’t going to buy toilet paper but it was on sale for $8.88 for 24 double rolls of Ultra Strong.  With the $1.50 coupon, it would be further reduced to $7.38.

When I went to checkout with the app it took a while and unfortunately, the cashier did not have the code to scan on his till so I had to go to Customer Service.  Ironically they didn’t have it either and she rang my order through at the till next to the one I was originally at.  After paying for the groceries and getting to my car, I forgot to check the receipt.  I was charged $3.79 for the yogourt and that was not right.  It was supposed to be $1!  I went back to customer service and told her about the error and I said I should get it free and not 50% off of $3.79.  She went to check the display for the product.  5 minutes later she comes back and she agreed that I was right.  The price was supposed to be $1.99 with 50% off after that.  Since it was a scanning error I got it free!

In conclusion, for the 3 items I bought yesterday I only paid for one and it was further reduced even though on sale!  All in all, I saved over $10 and this was not really a planned grocery shopping trip either.  I always find deals by chance and when you do you take it and run!  Every day is new and different so I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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Picture of Dehumidifier

I almost forgot about including a photo of the dehumidifier.  As you can see, my cat OJ is on top of it as you can see his paws.  So cute!

dehumidifier final

As you can see, the machine looks very good and taken care just like the cat sitting on top of it.


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Weekend Deals

It is all about being in the right place at the right time.  Yesterday I was fortunate enough to grab a free perfectly operational dehumidifier left on the curb but posted on the buy and sell on Facebook for my town.  In the middle of my smoothie, I jumped up and left right away.  It was only posted 4 minutes earlier.  Like they say; the early bird gets the worm.  I was very lucky the location was a mere few minutes from my house.  I thanked the owner outside fiddling with his large boat on the driveway.  He said it was noisy but works. They bought a new one.  It is a 38 litre Kenmore with a 2 speed fan option. Quickly looking at Kijiji, these dehumidifiers run from $40-60 used so I’m so happy to have found a free one by chance.  It feels great to save money once again when you know you are looking at buying one in the future.  I was going to add it to the furnace but no need to do that now.

Now that I got that off my chest; I was able to get some more deals but perhaps not as exciting as that when it was free.  After falling on my head and neck once again playing softball 10 years apart, I decided I should get a new pair of cleats and found a decent pair for $16 on clearance at National Sports.  The regular price was $49.99 and was marked down to $19.96 in the clearance section.  There is another 20% off on clearance items so it was reduced to $16.  The brand is Easton and is a men’s size 7 which should fit my feet.  Unfortunately, there were no women’s sizes for that shoe model. Did you know that Canadian Tire owns National Sports and Sports Chek?  There was a Canadian Tire tag on the shoe so I think they are clearing out merchandise for them at National Sports.

In terms of grocery deals I was able to buy on clearance at Walmart over 5 lbs of mandarin oranges for $3.  They were in 3 individual clearance bags at $1 each.  Zehrs had ripe bananas for half price so I saved $1.25.

In search of large watering can at a good price, I went to Home Depot and price matched their 3 gallon watering can selling at $14.99 with the one at Canadian Tire for $11.99.  They pricematch competitors and beat it by 10%!  I’m glad that Canadian Tire was out of stock after all.

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My Free Local Video Store

My title sounds funny right?  No such thing anymore with everyone either downloading or streaming videos.  My local library is my go to place.  It is fairly new, state of the art and has lot of up to date titles for books, videos and music.  They have an extensive blu-ray section which is excellent and high quality.  I’m starting to watch Once Upon A Time; the tv series and love it.  Everyone complains about high taxes but we much use the amenities that are around us.  I remember reading a couple years ago that the Toronto Public Library is the best library system in the world because you can reserve online and have them delivered to your local library.  Secondly, there is an extensive audio visual collection to choose from including access to Zinio, an online browser for magazines.  With many residents from other countries, there are a lot of ESL resources also.

I don’t read as much as I used to.  I think it has to do with my job of looking at 2 computer screens all day.  I have sensitive eyes with 2 implanted lenses in fact.  It has been 10 years since they were installed and having 20/16 vision has been a great feeling.  Unfortunately, my right eye appears to be forming a cataract which explains some blurry vision some times.  I am in good hands as my surgeon is one of the best in Toronto so I’m not worried.  Cataract surgery is very common and safe.

Moral of the story; Canadians pay high taxes so we should use what is free such as a library and health care.


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Raining Rain Barrels

I thought I would blog more about my rain barrel experience.  Yesterday I turned on the soaker hose that is connected to my rain barrel leading to the newly planted cedar trees I have at the back of my property.  At first it appeared to not be working since I was touching the hose close to the barrel but then I walked down to the trees and saw it trickling with water!  It worked and I was very excited!  The backyard has a small slope at the end so it helps the natural flow of the hose to the cedars.  I have researched and newly planted cedars require a lot of water in the first year to establish its roots.  It is recommended to use a soaker hose in this case as there is less water waste and more of the water gets down to the roots.  The barrel is almost empty which is just in time for the next rain fall on Saturday.  I have on hand some reserve water in containers inside the house for toilet flushing purposes.  Did you know each flush uses about 6 litres of water each time?  I just got my water bill in which was for the months of March and April.  It was about $116 which isn’t bad.  However, in the summer months it ends up being more with lawn watering and now trees.  We are charged for waste water too which is crazy.  I’m hoping that May and June’s water bill will be about half of that.

I have been in contact with the organizer of the rain barrel sale in Innisfil.  He is actually the Senior Regulatory Compliance Officer for the Innisfil Utilities company.  He just emailed me that he has 2 more barrels left with hose accessories.  I think I will get all of the above as there are stretches of no rain sometimes so harvesting as much water as possible during a rainfall is critical.  The hose accessory comes in handy as leaning down to the spigot to pour out water can be hard on the back.  The hose is only $5.  He told me that the price of $50 per barrel is low because only $5 is going to charity instead of the normal $10 minimum.  The intent was to get as many people to buy them to promote water preservation.

The town of Bradford has a lawn watering rule of only every other day from 6 pm to 8 am the next day based on your house number. Mine is an odd number so only on odd numbered days can I water my lawn.  However, if I have a rain barrel, I can water whenever I want!  I just put some lawn soil with seeds on the front so I want to see a nice lawn soon!

This new project has kept me busy and excited to go home every day.  I have a new appreciation for all those gardeners out there who can maintain and keep a nice lawn and garden.  I’m upset that I have not thought about doing this sooner but later is better than never.  I would consider suggesting rainbarrel.ca for any kind of fundraising and perhaps for my softball leagues that I participate in.


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